Women In The Kitchen: 6 Vegan Chefs To Inspire Your Next Meal

One of the best things about working in vegan fashion is that inevitably you will connect with those working in vegan food, usually over a plate of something really delicious. I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know some amazing female chefs and food creators over the years and hope you’ll enjoy getting to know them as well.

Whether creating unique recipes, writing (cook)books, hosting events, or helping you bring to life masterpieces in the kitchen, I've admired these women for their equal parts compassion and creativity, which is fortunately now available to any of us at home. So wherever you're at in your plant-based journey, I’ve included a little something for anyone, every diet, and every taste in these 6 resources that'll help make your meals as kind as your closet (and maybe even almost as pretty!).  



Creating sweets to meats, Eat Love was started through an inspiring husband/wife journey. While weighing over 610 pounds combined, Enrique was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes so they knew it was time to make a change, went plant-based, and never turned backed. With the help of only a plant based diet Enrique was able to reverse his diagnoses and Lynn lost 153 pounds plus found a passion for yoga. Now they want to share their experience of delicious food that heals people and respects animals. 

Find their food truck around Los Angeles or have their treats shipped right to your door.


I attended my first cooking class at the warm, welcoming Spork Foods in 2016 where I learned to make vegan cheeses and how to pair vegan wines thanks to the sparkly sister duo Jenny and Heather. I highly recommend taking any of their delicious cooking classes, but if you can't, fortunately they are bringing their passion for delicious, easy meals to your kitchen with Vegan 101: Learn to Cook Plant-Based Meals that Satisfy Everyone, a perfect place to start for both the vegan and the vegan-curious. 




Started by two physicians, the husband/wife team behind Nutcase Vegan Meats sought a healthy, fulfilling meat alternative to recreate our favorite dishes. They crafted an allergen-friendly, tree nut, brown rice and quinoa based ground “meat” that is made from whole foods to offer a healthy and satisfying addition to your kitchen.

And the best part is, they will ship right to your door!


The only thing more salivating than the food photos Jackie Sobon creates is the food that she actually makes. Her mouth-watering blog Vegan Yack Attack features recipes for just about any occasion and her cookbook Vegan Bowl Attack is one of my absolute favorites.




Along with making delicious vegan cheese and custom desserts you can find at local Los Angeles markets, Yvonne Ardestani makes vegan, gluten-free recipes that won't leave you feeling lacking. Her My Eclectic Kitchen app features hundreds of multi-cultural recipes at the palm of your hand, allowing you to sort by diet (like sugar-free), ingredients, photos, or category. 


Handmade with immense love (and seriously delicious), The Shugah Mama’s cookies are vegan, gluten free, soy free (but you wouldn’t ever know it!).

You can find her selling cookies around Los Angeles or have them shipped right to your door.