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My Personalized Shopping Experience at Bead & Reel

Guest Post

Posted on April 08 2016

My Personalized Shopping Experience at Bead & Reel

By guest writer Caitlin McGrother

Bead & Reel Private Shopping

Last month, I was lucky enough to visit Bead & Reel headquarters and have a personalized shopping experience with fashion guru, Sica Schmitz. The experience was very intimate, personal, and most of all- fun. It was the kind of afternoon that flies by in a flash but one you will never forget.

My afternoon began by telling Sica the items I was particularly interested in trying on. Considering the fact that I am a serial stalker of Bead & Reel, I had quite a long list including the Bhava Alden-Cut booties, Groceries Eve playsuit, Groceries Joan Baez hemp dress, and Amour Vert Zoe top. Sica pulled these items along with other pieces she thought I would like based on my style, including the Amour Vert seam leggings, goodsociety slim fit jeans, and a few cotton dresses. Afterwards, it was time to start playing dress-up. 

Bead & Reel Private Shopping

Mata Traders, Fan Fair Dress, $89 

Vegan fashion is very diverse in its offerings. One of the amazing things about Bead & Reel is that it caters to a wide variety of individuals with different body types and fashion needs.

Mata Traders is a brand I have been intrigued with for a while, so it was wonderful to finally try on some of their clothes. The Fan Fair Dress is made of cotton in New Delhi, India. It is quite surreal wearing a dress that has been handmade by women that are empowered by fashion in an area where they would otherwise be marginalized and unemployed.

Bead & Reel Private Shopping

Groceries, Eve Playsuit, $89 

There is nothing better than fashion that gives you all the confidence in the world, but is also super comfortable. When I tried on the Eve Playsuit, I was amazed at the softness of the fabric. Made with organic cotton and lyocell, this jumpsuit is so light it almost feels like you're wearing nothing. Since the fabric is so breathable, it is the perfect romper to wear during the hot summer months.

Bead & Reel Private Shopping

National Picnic, Puffin Organic Cotton Tank Dress, $104 

Is there anything better than a cute dress with pockets? I was not familiar with the National Picnic brand before putting on the Puffin Organic Cotton Tank Dress, but I was quite impressed with its ability to flatter a variety of body types. The adorable print and drawstring waist makes vegan fashion fun.

Bead & Reel Private Shopping

Amour Vert, Poppy Fit'n'Flair Dress, $165 

I was in shock when I pulled the Amour Vert Poppy Fit'n'Flair Dress over my head. The fabric is a heavy cotton, which provides amazing structure and comfort. I love its versatility. There are not many dresses out there that you can easily wear to a formal wedding but also as an everyday dress to work. Since the design is so flattering and versatile, the way you accessorize really creates the story. One thing is for sure- no matter the occasion, this dress will make you look like a million dollars.

Bead & Reel Private Shopping

Groceries, Joan Baez Dress, $108 

The first time I ever saw hemp listed as a fabric, it immediately conjured up memories of the hemp bracelets my friend used to make in high school. "How could hemp be a comfortable fabric?" I thought. "It must be so scratchy (like the hemp string)."

The Groceries Joan Baez dress proved my preconceived notions completely wrong. Hemp is actually a very soft, breathable fabric that is very similar to cotton. The fit of this dress is super flattering and flowy. It channeled my inner child and I could not help but feel like a fairy princess while twirling around.

Bead & Reel Private Shopping

Amour Vert, Elena Henley Blouse Tee, $125 
goodsociety, Organic Slim Jeans, $209 

On a scale of one to 10, 10 being the most comfortable, this Amour Vert Elena Henley Blouse Tee ranks approximately 15. This was a garment Sica picked out for me and I was blown away by its softness and comfort. The culprit: this shirt is made with 98% modal. It is so silky smooth on the skin and drapes wonderfully on the body.

In addition, I tried on goodsociety Organic Slim Jeans aka "the magical jeans". Never before have I bought into the idea of super flattering jeans- they either fit or they don't fit, right? Wrong. These jeans hug the hips, butt, and legs perfectly. I was stunned when I tried them on and remember saying, "Wow, I look good!" If you are looking for the perfect pair of jeans, look no further. 

Bead & Reel Private Shopping

My entire personal shopping experience at Bead & Reel was amazing from start to finish. I really loved the ability to touch and feel the variety of fabrics, and see how each garment fit. Sica is wonderful at dressing people and knowing what looks good on different body types. Although I went in with a list of pieces I wanted to try on, the majority of my final picks consisted of the items she chose for me.

Sica offers a wide variety of services depending on your time and availability. You can have your own private shopping session at the Bead & Reel headquarters if you are in the LA area! If you want to work with Sica remotely, she can help overhaul your closet via Skype or send you a personally curated Ethical Style Box. One thing is for sure, every time I am in LA I will definitely be scheduling a Bead & Reel private shopping session.

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