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The Rescue Collection - Part II

Sica Schmitz

Posted on April 15 2016

The Rescue Collection - Part II

It's no secret that at Bead & Reel two of our great loves are animals and fashion, so of course we were thrilled to teamed up with local dog rescue The REAL Bark to photograph their adorable adoptable dogs with some of our favorite animal-friendly styles. 

While there's no doubt that each pup is model material, their real aspiration is to find a loving family to call their own. Please enjoy, share, and let's help find these ladies and gents their forever homes!

Bead & Reel The Rescue Collection Part II

Science shows that dog owners are less stressed thanks to hormonal and chemical changes that occur from spending time with their pups! All the more reason to snuggle a shelter buddy.

Meet Marianne Faithful Jr., a sweet girl who has overcome a lot in her life. Found on the street in LA, she was originally very mistrusting of humans but has grown to love and trust again, leaving us with nothing but smiles.

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Adopt Marianne Faithful Jr.

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Bead & Reel The Rescue Collection Part II

5 to 7 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year. That’s SO many chances for you to find a best friend!

Meet Adam Ant, a sweet, gentle, mellow Dachshund with plenty of love to give. Dog kisses are one of our favorite accessories, and they absolutely go with everything. 

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Adopt Adam Ant

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Bead & Reel The Rescue Collection Part II 
The average age of animals entering shelters is 18 months, so finding an adoptable puppy can be extremely easy!

Meet Baby Gaga, an adorable puppy who loves humans and other dogs. You may be wondering about her name, well, her left arm is twisted so that her paw turns out and the vet believes that she was born that way. This minor birth defect does not get in the way of Gaga’s mobility or ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

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Adopt Baby Gaga

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Stylist: Sica Schmitz
Model: Rachel Ford
Photographer: Victoria Filice
Make-Up: Genevieve Garner
Graphic Design: Elizabeth Stilwell



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