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How To Gently Mix Prints

Sica Schmitz

Posted on May 20 2016

How To Gently Mix Prints

One of my favorite ways to add a little spice to my style is by mixing prints, adding fresh new life to my favorite patterned pieces. But while some people have mastered the art of mixing prints - effortlessly combing patterns and colors to create a tapestry of visual wonder - for the rest of us, figuring out how to wear more than one print without looking theatrical can take a bit of guidance.

The key to gently mixing prints is to stay in the same color scheme. You can mix florals with stripes, stripes with stripes, or any other combination you can dream of, and as long as you keep the colors close in hue and tone it will seem very natural.  

Meant for each other...

How To Mix Prints

How To Mix Prints - Style Tutorial

Dress: Shore Club Dress | Tee: Kenya Tee | Shoes: Classic Heel

Oh, I just threw this on...

Organic Pedro Shorts - Amour Vert

Organic Cotton Seersucker Pedro Shorts - Amour Vert

Tank: Striped Racerback Tank | Shorts: Seersucker Pedro Shorts | Wedges: Miko Wedge

I was chilly...

How To Gently Mix Prints

How To Mix PrintsSweater: Skinny Stripe Sweater | Tee: Print Sleeve Tee | Jeans: Slim Jeans | Shoes: Grace Flat BPX


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