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3 Reasons NOT To Wear Sustainable Fashion

Sica Schmitz

Posted on April 14 2017

3 Reasons NOT To Wear Sustainable Fashion

Sure, sustainable fashion offers really appealing solutions to issues in human rights, environmental protections, and animal welfare, but nobody really ever talks about the dark side of this seemingly innocent industry. Having been complicit in the promotion of sustainable fashion for the past few years, I feel obligated to end my silence and offer a warning to those who are most vulnerable for getting hooked on sustainable fashion.

Sustainable Fashion


Once you go organic, it's hard to go back. I used to wear a wide variety of things, having an accepting and diverse wardrobe that was inclusive of all fibers, no matter how toxic or cheap. But, then I started wearing organic cottons, tencels, modals, and other really really soft eco-friendly fabrics and everything else started to feel... gross. I couldn't even put on my favorite carcinogenic-ish sweater without shuddering at its course touch. It got to the point that I didn't even want unsustainable fashion in my home, and I unceremoniously and rather cold-hearted-ly got rid of everything that didn't feel nice against my skin, no matter how long we had been in an uncomfortable scratchy relationship together. 


I used to have a huge closet overflowing with everything from designer labels to fast fashion, never able to find anything to wear but content in the fact that I had so much I had to weed through. But then I started investing in quality pieces with thoughtful stories, and I totally fell in love with them. I grew so attached to these pieces and how good they made me feel that I didn't want all my other stuff anymore, and soon I felt nothing but resigned-ambivalence-verging-on-distain for everything else. I had always considered myself a super tolerant and open minded person, but it got to the point that I only wanted to be around fair trade fashion, and I started avoiding other items just because they had different beliefs (like exploiting other people and our planet). 


There was a time in my life when I really enjoyed shopping. Well, I guess I didn't really enjoy it, but I certainly did it a lot. Wading through indistinguishable stores at the mall, impulse buying things that I didn't really want and would never wear, and feeling guilty about the money I wasted, an important part of the American capitalist cycle. There was usually a Cinnabon somewhere in this mix (this was before I was vegan). But then I made the decision to start buying consciously, which meant I basically couldn't go to malls anymore. And most online shopping was off the table, since most online shops were no better. And since I had to spend a bit more time researching the brands and styles I wanted to support, I usually ended up buying less, because most things didn't meet all my criteria. And over time, I was actually spending less, since I didn't need to replace things after three wears. And shopping stopped being a way to kill time + fill a void in my soul and instead became something I only did when I actually needed something. And so now when I have a hard day and could really use some retail therapy I have to like, do yoga or meditate or talk about my feelings with someone who cares. 

At this point in my life I fear I am in too deep, but it may not be too late for you, and if it's not, I hope you will think twice about the dangers of using sustainable fashion.Sica Schmitz

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  • Eileen Schmitz: April 16, 2017

    Absolutely True!! Thanks so much

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