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Charity of the Month | Peninsula Friends of Animals

by Caitlin McGrother | Posted on January 31 2016

 Charity of the Month | Peninsula Friends of Animals

Advocacy is a fundamental cornerstone of Bead & Reel. Not only should we help consumers make the best ethical decisions when it comes to wardrobe, we should also give back to others that share our mission.

This month, Bead & Reel is excited to announce its Charity of Month, Peninsula Friends of Animals. PFOA is a cageless, no-kill cat shelter located in Sequim, Washington. Not only do they provide veterinary care, spaying/neutering and a homelike environment for rescued cats and kittens until they're adopted into their forever homes, they also sponsor monthly low cost spay/neuter clinics for low income companion animal owners. Bead & Reel is a huge fan of cats (maybe a little obsessed) and what better way to share our love than contribute to this amazing cat-loving rescue facility? 

A portion of each purchase made at Bead & Reel in February will give back to PFOA to help them continue changing the lives of animals. Check out our interview below and learn more about them at

Danette Grady has been working at PFOA as the Executive Director since 2014. With 18 years experience working at a no-kill shelter in Mountain Center, CA, she is very passionate about animal rescue and public education. We were so lucky to have Danette offer her time to talk a little more about her dedication to this mission and share personal antidotes.

On Her Favorite Part of Working at PFOA:
"My work is my passion and what can be better than that? My office faces the glass in one of our kitten rooms and I begin my day watching kittens racing around their protected outside deck and in and out of their play tunnels. Then I check on all the other rescues to see how everyone is doing.   What an incredible daily delight."

On the Most Difficult Part of Working at PFOA:
"The hardest part is receiving a rescue animal too late. Even though we give every animal we receive the best of medical care, sometimes an animal has been abandoned for a very long time and is beyond the capabilities of veterinary medicine. Then we can only let the animal know he/she is very loved and give the gift of a painless transition."

On How Can Everyone Help End Cat Overpopulation:
"Make sure their cat or cats are spayed or neutered and encourage everyone they know to do the same. Explain it’s also the best thing they can do for the animal's overall health."

On Why Are No Kill Shelters So Important:
"No kill shelters are examples of a 'reverence for life' philosophy and examples to other shelters that no healthy animal has to be euthanized to make room for another and aggressive spay/neuter programs have had a history of success.

I’d like to add that each person can make a difference in an animal’s life whether it’s volunteering at their local shelter, making a donation no matter what the size, checking a shelter’s wish list for needed items, educating those who truly don’t know all the benefits of spay/neuter, using a talent to benefit the animals."

On How PFOA Names Their Cats:
"Our shelter director usually chooses their names based on personality or appearance or the staff will also suggest names. When groups of kittens come in they are named as a group. The candy bar kittens are currently here, all named for delicious candies – Snickers, Reese’s, Twixie etc."

On Her Favorite Uplifting Story From PFOA:
"Last year we had a very special cat, who we named Trixie, come to us from two ladies who rescued her from an overgrown area where they were picking blueberries. They had seen her the year before when they were in the same area and thought she was someone’s cat because she had beautiful Siamese markings. She was now skin and bones and barely surviving. She was also a very old cat.

After some time spent at our Vet’s doing all they could to bring her back to health, she came to us and we continued her care here at Safehaven. She had a special fleecy bed in our office and received fluids to continue to flush her kidneys. All of us spent quality time, with many petting sessions, letting Trixie know she was beautiful and loved. She enjoyed her warming pad in her bed to comfort her older bones. Trixie was only with us for four months before she passed on and the last day she was with us was the first time we heard her purr. We think she was letting us know that she knew how special she was to us."

If you are located in the Sequim area, PFOA would love your support. Funds for special medical care is especially in need. There is currently a rescue who required eye surgery for a foreign object that had been embedded in his eye for a long time. Additionally, two young cerebellar hypoplasia cats require extensive and ongoing medical care. If you live outside of Sequim, but want to help (please do!), please visit PFOA's website and donate.

All cat lovers can help make a difference. Become a supporter of ongoing rescue and spay/neuter programs. If you need guidance on where to begin, check PetFinder to find your local shelter. Help fundraise for causes that are important to you. Share your passion and widen the support network. Educate others.

A heartfelt thank you to Danette for giving her time, talent, and treasure on behalf of those that provide unconditional love and ask so little in return. Bead & Reel is over-the-moon happy to support PFOA with proceeds from every purchase made in February.

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