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Bead & Reel Brand Spotlight | NAE

by Caitlin McGrother | Posted on February 26 2016

No Animal Exploitation. Not only is this statement one of Bead & Reel's cornerstone tenants, it forms the initials of the vegan shoe company, NAE. This brand offers a wide variety of animal/eco/human-friendly footwear. Based in Portugal, NAE has made a name for itself as a high-quality and fashionable vegan alternative to the country's otherwise animal-exploited shoe industry. Bead & Reel is honored to carry a variety of NAE footwear, which are unique in design and style. Anyone who knows vegan shoes can spot a NAE.

Bead & Reel is excited to begin its Company Spotlight series with an interview from this incredible company. Read below to learn more about NAE's background, mission, and a little tip on how to properly care for vegan shoes. Although the interview is translated from Portuguese, the passion for compassionate shoe making really shines through.

Mira, NAE, $202

On the History of Shoe-Making in Portugal
"Portugal [has been] in the industry for a long time. [Our skill] is recognized all over the world, not just because [of our] quality but [also due to our] experience in the business. Most Portuguese shoe brands produced in Portugal are in the north; NAE is one of them." 

Miko, NAE, $164

On the Creation of NAE
"Paula and Alejandro Peres, the owners of the brand, felt there was no alternative to conventional leather [for] shoes, [especially] in a country where [the industry is very prevalent]. The brand [was developed] with a vegan and ecological concept, and gives "an answer" to consumers that are worried about ethical consumption and environmental sustainability. [NAE launched] in January 2008 as one of the world's vegan shoes brand."

Ines, Nae, $196

On the Superiority of Vegan Materials to Animal-Derived Materials
"Microfiber is not just a synthetic fabric. [It is] made with ultra-fine fibers of microscopic caliber. The result is a fabric three times lighted than leather of the same thickness, very high mechanical characteristics, stability, resistance to water, [and breathable material]."

On Caring for Vegan Shoes
"Use a humid cloth and a neutral soap for cleaning. Simple and easy."

Berlin, Nae, $192

On the Most Rewarding Part About Making Vegan Shoes
"The most rewarding part is not using any kind of animal material in our shoes and [creating] collections with quality and design at the same time. We have people who buy our shoes and know our philosophy, and we have people who don't. To get to all people is our objective."

If you own NAE footwear or purchase a pair from Bead & Reel, we'd love to check them out! Tag @beadandreel on your Instagram photos and we will be sure to share the love.


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