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Gifts That Empower Mothers | 2017 Edition

Sica Schmitz

Posted on May 05 2017

Gifts That Empower Mothers | 2017 Edition

While there are many women who enjoy motherhood or who have close relationship to their own mothers, for others Mother's Day can come with a variety of hardships. For those who have difficult relationships with their mothers, or whose mothers may have passed away or are estranged, this can be a challenging day. For those who want to be a mother but aren't yet, this can be a sad reminder of something you can't yet claim as your own. And for those who choose not to have children, it's another example of certain kinds of womanhood being celebrated significantly more than others. Yet, motherhood is something we are all connected to. We all have mothers who brought us into this world, and know mothers as friends, aunts, sisters, grandmothers, and co-workers. So while relationships to motherhood can be complex, supporting mothers shouldn't be.

Gifts that Empower Mothers

Up to 85% of garment workers around the world are women - many of them mothers - so when we talk about changing the fashion industry, we are really talking about changing the lives of mothers. And when we change the lives of mothers, we change the lives of everyone. When you invest in women, they turn around and invest 90% back into the health, nutrition and education of their families (as opposed to just 30-40% for men). And that's a great investment!

One of the best ways to invest in women is by providing them with the opportunity for safe, fair employment. Through dignified work, fair trade fashion empowers the designers, the makers, and the wearers, lifting up millions of women around the world through the support of beautiful styles.

At Bead & Reel we carry a wide range of items with Fair Trade and Female Founder labels, so to help with your gift giving I'm sharing a few of my favorites for the mothers in your life.


Rod Drop Earrings Housgoods Bead & Reel

Minimalist and lightweight, these lovely earrings are handmade in San Diego by a working mom. Each pair gives back to the community by partnering with Project Concern International's (WE) Initiative to teach weekly jewelry fabrication and design classes to low income women, helping lead them to financial independence and stability.


Pashen Collection Chevron Poncho Bead & Reel

This luxurious soft knit poncho is handmade by talented artisans in Peru. A perfect multi-season, multi-occasion piece, it is designed by a working mom and comes in one size that fits most.


Hipsters for Sisters Pocket Bum Bag Bead & Reel

Moms have enough to carry, and a handbag shouldn't be one of them. Free up her hands with this versatile waist bag. Entirely vegan, lined with 100% organic cotton, and made in Los Angeles by a mother/daughter duo, each bag gives back to a variety of women-liberating causes like the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media.


Sevya Radhika Tassel Scarf Bead & Reel

A little bit playful, this 100% cotton scarf is hand-woven by female weavers in rural India. Through the making of these fair trade scarves, need-based development programs are funded to help women and their families. 


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