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Optimism for Activism

by Sica Schmitz | Posted on November 17 2017

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." // Theodore Parker

It can be quite easy to feel overwhelmed - dare I say sometimes even hopeless? -  when working towards social justice. Wins can feel few and far between, and the ones we do achieve often feel small, and quickly outweighed by exponentially devastating losses. But just because creating a better world is hard doesn't mean we should quit. In fact, because it's hard is why we must not quit. 

As activists, we must keep our hopes and aspirations aimed towards the the good in humanity, and must keep our faith that we can create a more caring world, despite the challenges of the immediate present. 

And we must stay optimistic.

Need a little help? Here are some of my favorite resources for regular optimism (and most can be delivered right to your inbox!).

Optimism for Activists

Peace is Loud's Small Victories Newsletter

Stay up to date with the good news in the world with this email delivery of resistance and progress and just general good news. 

Yes Magazine

One of my favorite publication (you might notice I share their articles a lot), this online and in print magazine frames the biggest problems of our time in terms of their solutions. They outline a path forward with in-depth analysis, tools for citizen engagement, and stories about real people working for a better world.

Rob Brezsny's Freewill Astrology

You do not need to like or understand or even believe in astrology to enjoy Rob's playful and joyful writing style, inspiring weekly tidbits, and just general good advice for remaining hopeful in a difficult world. 


A podcast, a publisher, and a public event convener, this platform asks: What does it mean to be human, and how do we want to live? Focusing as much on wisdom and moral imagination as much as knowledge, nuance and poetry as much as fact, it's uplifting and mindful and the source of some of my favorite pieces to share.

Good News Network

There are lots of good things happening in the world, and the GNN helps us remember that! I subscribe to their daily edition with three uplifting stories every day. 

Awaken With JP Ultra Spiritual Videos

When I want to feel super spiritual and enlightened but also need to laugh at the insanity of....everything, JP's satirical videos always work for me.

TED Talks

Sometimes you may just need to go down a rabbit hole of inspiration, and fortunately, that's soooooo easy to do with TED. 

What keeps you inspired during challenging times?

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