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The Plant-based Podcast - 6 Inspiring Podcasts for Modern Vegans

Guest Post

Posted on February 09 2018

The Plant-based Podcast - 6 Inspiring Podcasts for Modern Vegans

I've been spending a lot of time in the car lately with a 4 hour roundtrip commute to and from yoga teacher training each weekend, so I am excited to share not only a guest post (giving me the week off!) but also a topic that I am especially interested in right now: a way to stay engaged, informed, and inspired while on the go. 

This week guest author Nicholas Napier of Bhu Foods is sharing his favorite vegan podcasts along with some specific episodes to check out no matter where you are in your vegan journey. Enjoy! Xx Sica

6 Inspiring Podcasts for Modern Vegans | Bead & Reel

If there’s a topic you’re interested in, odds are there are podcasters who are talking about and publishing those conversations as episodes you can listen to any time from almost anywhere. What’s remarkable is that even within the same topic, like the vegan lifestyle for example, you’ll find vast differences between podcasts. While some may discuss a topic from a science-based perspective, others may inject personal experiences, drama, news, or comedy into the mix. The result is that there are podcasts out there for every type of person, no matter what your style.

In addition to being informative and free, podcasts can serve as a tool that helps you stay focused on your goals. Whether you’re striving to achieve your healthiest body or struggling with a new way of eating, it helps to hear likeminded people who are going through similar experiences. 

If you haven't yet found a podcast you’re obsessed with, start your podcasting journey by checking out these six vegan podcasts that can expand your knowledge of the vegan lifestyle and rekindle your motivation.

6 Vegan Podcasts that are Worth Your Time

Vegans have a lot to share. Entire podcasts are devoted to issues like animal rights, medical advantages of veganism, and how to thrive with plants. Whether you’re looking for a fun and loose take on how current events relate to modern vegans or you want a deep dive into the challenges of morality, one of these podcasts just might be ideal for you.   

Quick List: 

The Food For Thought Podcast

Hosted by renowned author, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, the Food for Thought Podcast was so popular it spawned a spinoff show on animal rights. Exploring dozens of topics related to food, what it means, and how it impacts your body and world, Colleen has amassed a remarkable following for her insightful approach to the vegan lifestyle. Vegans who care deeply about the food you eat and where it comes from are likely to love the Food for Thought Podcast.

Hosted By: Author, speaker, and vegan activist, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Topics: Clean food, How to talk to hunters, shame of overweight vegans, and many others

Recent Episode: Clean Meat: Slaughter-free And Sustainable with Paul Shapiro

If you like Food for Thought, check out Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s other podcast, Animalogy.


Vegan Radio

6 Inspiring Podcasts for Modern Vegans | Bead & Reel

An excellent jump-off point for those who aren’t experienced in podcasts, Vegan Radio has something for just about everyone. A variety show that discusses current events, news, culture, and numerous other topics, Vegan Radio will typically even feature a musical guest. They’ve stopped recording in recent years, but their archive of over 100 episodes offers a lot of entertainment for curious vegans. With an emphasis on being fun and entertaining while covering important issues you want to hear about, Vegan Radio is the podcast you can play even in front of your non-vegan friends.

Hosted By: Derek Goodwin, Lauren Villani, Megan Shackelford, Scott Lahteine, Jilian Oder

Topics: Various topics including vegan culture, environmentalism, and health & fitness

Recent Episode: #106: Vegans Dating, Dating Vegans

The Brown Vegan

6 Inspiring Podcasts for Modern Vegans | Bead & Reel

As the title implies, The Brown Vegan covers vegan topics from the underrepresented African American vegan perspective featuring Monique Koch’s easy, manageable approach to living as a vegan. Monique’s perspective is that it’s fun and simple to live as a vegan and even the busiest families can make it work. Oozing with personality and emphasizing a “progression over perfection” mentality, The Brown Vegan will add a lot of ideas and fun to your vegan experience.

Hosted By: Passionate speaker and vegan since 2010, Monique Koch

Topics: Interviews, approachable veganism, weight loss, saving money as a vegan

Recent Episode: #63: Losing weight the right way - A Conversation with Crazy Urban Vegan

The Rich Roll Podcast

6 Inspiring Podcasts for Modern Vegans | Bead & Reel

Giving up a successful career as an entertainment lawyer, Rich Roll has dedicated himself to sharing his story of how he became a top ultra-marathon competitor on a plant-based diet. Author of multiple books and a highly-sought after public speaker, you’re getting more than a typical curious podcaster with Rich Roll. His perspective comes from experience that only years of athletic accomplishments as a vegan could provide. If any podcast will give the fire you need to hold strong to your vegan choices, this one will.

Hosted By: Ultra-marathoner, author, and activist, Rich Roll

Topics: Loose, round-table discussion of topics pending on the guest.

Recent Episode: #344 Danica Patrick

Morality is Hard Podcast

6 Inspiring Podcasts for Modern Vegans | Bead & Reel

If you are more interested in a podcast that is more intellectual in its approach, then the Morality is Hard Podcast might be the ideal one for you. Join Ph.D candidate for space science Michael Dello-Iacovo for a podcast that explores the issue of why is it so difficult to be good and do the right thing. Expect conversation that goes deep, exploring topics that are important to our world but perhaps haven’t occurred to you yet.

Hosted By: CEO of Altruism Australia, Michael Dello-Iacovo

Topics: Features guests to tackle meaningful concepts related to altruism and morality.

Recent Episode: Episode 5 – Kieran Grieg, Animal Charity Evaluators

The Vegan Ari Show

6 Compelling Podcasts for Modern Vegans | Bead & Reel

For a vegan podcast that’s unlike anything else out there, The Vegan Ari Show delves into the exploits of Ari Soloman and his husband Mikko. Both devoted vegans, Ari and Mikko try and recommend vegan products, discuss major vegan-related news, and divulge some of the funny and profound details of their lives. If you’re looking for an often-hilarious podcast that covers the vegan lifestyle from the perspective of two gay men, The Vegan Ari Show may be perfect for you.  

Hosted By: Ari Soloman and his husband, Mikko

Topics: Vegan foods and new products, personal life anecdotes, vegan issues

Recent Episode: Ep 63 of the Vegan Ari Show


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  • Megan Shakley: December 22, 2018

    Thank you so much for this list. I am excited to listen to some new ones. What do you think of Main Street Vegan Podcast? It’s one of my favorites!

  • Ari Solomon: July 22, 2018

    OMG!!! Thank you so much for including us in this list! So honored!

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