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Sevya Aashi Bemberg Scarf Bead & Reel Sevya Aashi Bemberg Scarf Bead & Reel

    Aashi Bemberg Scarf



    The Aashi Bemberg Scarf is made with 100% Bemberg cotton, which is cotton that is made from the linter fiber of the cotton seed. This fabric has the look and feel of silk but with the lightness of cotton. Featuring a beautiful digital floral print, each scarf is handmade through certified fair trade processes. 

    Size: 20" x 60"
    Made In: India
    Made From: 100% cotton 

    Sevya means caring through service; caring for humanity and for the environment we live in. Sevya is dedicated to preserving the indigenous art forms of India by supporting the artisan communities who uphold these traditions.

    All scarves, clothing, bags, home décor and jewelry are made with the finest natural fibers and materials. The revenue earned through marketing of these products is used to fund need-based development programs throughout India, under the auspices of the All India Movement for Seva.

    Certified by the Fair Trade Federation, Sevya works directly with artisans throughout India to enhance their production and marketing capacity and preserve the traditional and eco-friendly methods of handicraft production.

    Sevya Artisans

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