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Organic Cotton Love Capri Legging - Beckons
Organic Cotton Love Capri Legging - Beckons
Organic Cotton Love Capri Legging - Beckons
Organic Cotton Love Capri Legging - Beckons
Organic Cotton Love Capri Legging - Beckons

    Love Capri Legging


    This slim capri legging features a roll-down waist that can be adjusted to sit any place on your waist or hip and a 18” inseam to show off your calves. These are the ideal basic yoga legging, all the while furthering your commitment to green living. Made in America, each color represents intentions to bring into your day. What are you saying about yourself today?

    Made In: Colorado
    Made From: 92% organic cotton, 8% spandex

    Wearing shades of gray (root) - Reflection and change. Enhances patience, perseverance, communication and insight. Brings about positive energy. Represents helpful people and travel. Aids speech and public speaking eloquence.

    Wearing black (root) - Power and groundedness. Enhances assertiveness, confidence, independence, and authority. Improves self-image. Provides emotional protection. Represents mystery, career, life path, the journey.

    Wearing shades of blue (throat and lung) - Self-expression, peace and trust. Encourages truth, creativity, clarity of mind, kindness, integrity, self-cultivation, and patience. Calming and soothing.

    Beckons is designed with a passion for the power of clothing: its ability change how people feel about themselves, are perceived, and even how they act. It is designed using color, organic fabric, and inspirational reminders to become cherished and favorite pieces. Each Beckons garment beckons good into your life by including a small intention tag that contains a word representing an intention, such as strength, grace, wisdom, integrity, love, joy, peace, courage or balance.

    Manufactured in Colorado using only the finest, sustainable fibers and organic cotton, Beckons is an official member of both the Green Business Network and the Organic Trade Association. They also donate all of their end-of-season merchandise to Samburu Tribe of Africa and the Women’s Resource Network. to ensure it is worn again, instead of lying in a land fill. 

    Their clothing is comfortable, versatile, and accurately sized so that you can feel good wearing these basics in your yoga practice and life.

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