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Maven Women

Maven Women creates savvy, sustainable style that effortlessly combines elegance with social consciousness.  

Supply Chain Awareness

They offer supply chain transparency and share their journey to limit impact on people and our planet:

People: Are the people involved in each step of their supply chain treated with dignity? Are their rights, voices, and communities respected? They ask that each individual, company, and organization they work with domestically and internationally uphold these values. They pay the true cost of production and seek to protect worker rights at each step in line with the 10 fair trade principles.

Planet:  What is the environmental footprint of each step in the product creation process and how are animals treated along the way?  They evaluate the environmental impact of their fabric and the carbon footprint of transportation, aiming to source as many materials as reasonably possible for each garment in the same region of the world.

Global Women’s Empowerment

Women make up the majority of the workforce in the global garment industry, which has all too often disregarded their rights, safety, value, and voice. They only work with supply chain partners who share their commitment to the inherent dignity of all people and demonstrate it by promoting gender equity and women’s empowerment. 

Connectivity and Education

They aim to combat the invisibility and lack of transparency so common in this industry through consumer education. They actively seek opportunities to partner with and support others who share their vision for transformative, industry-wide change. 

Restorative Justice

Restorative justice focuses on providing rehabilitation and reconciliation between victims, offenders, and the community. It is a central value in their work to remedy the market failure and exploitation that has become the industry norm. 

Natural Beauty

The fashion industry all too often promotes an unrealistic and harmful standard of “beauty”. They thoughtfully consider whether their imagery depicts a healthy view of women and their bodies. Not only is this the right thing to do, but it gives you a sense of how clothing will fit and flatter.

They also incorporate this idea into their products themselves and seek sustainably sourced materials for all of their collections. Their materials are breathable and better for your health than the toxic synthetics we’ve all gotten used to.  

Slow Fashion

The fashion industry can only improve when we all buy less and buy better. We all must pay the true cost of production, rather than the cheap prices made possible by cutting corners around sustainability.

Maven Women invites you to view clothing as an investment rather than fast fashion. To this effect, they produce meticulously and thoughtfully developed, flattering, and timeless clothing in the spirit of slow fashion that pairs well with other items in your wardrobe for your signature, polished look.

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