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NICORA is a groundbreaking company changing the way footwear is made today by manufacturing 100% eco-friendly, cruelty free, and affordable handmade shoes on U.S. soil. They believe that happy shoemakers and earth-friendly products are just as important as aesthetics, taking a farm-to-table approach to shoemaking by enlisting skilled artisans to craft durable, beautiful shoes by hand in Los Angeles.

Named PETA’s “Most Talented New Designer” for 2014, NICORA uses only cruelty-free textile-based leathers manufactured and sourced from factories in the U.S. that are self-regulated along with the use of air filters and solar-paneled installations. All of the often 25+ different parts and materials are sustainably made and assembled within 20 miles of each other. 

The pioneering Americana spirit inherent in the NICORA brand DNA is reflected in shoe styles that are both contemporary and uniquely androgynous – each a timeless style designed to endure trends and remain essential to a fashionable wardrobe.

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