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Rok Cork

Rok Cork is a Canadian owned company committed to supporting authentic Portuguese artisanal cork producers and sustaining the cork industry through handcrafted and stylish bags and accessories. 

Their products come from the outer bark of the evergreen oak known by the Latin name Quercus (oak) Suber (cork), which grows in Southern Europe. In order to sustain the cork tree it is only harvested every 9 years, and the highest quality cork required for their accessories is only available every 35 - 40 years. 

A lightweight and durable alternative to leather, cork is an inherently sustainable resource, being both biodegradable and renewable. 

One of the important sustainability factors of the cork trees are their Carbon sequestration properties and characteristics.  A cork tree that has its bark removed every 9 years will absorb 3-5 times as much CO2 than a similar tree that is left idle.  The tree and bark stores the CO2, and then it accepts more as new growth occurs. Industry estimates show that the CO2-retention capabilities of Portugal’s cork forests are estimated to be as high as five per cent of the country’s annual emissions, or in excess of 4.8 million tons per year.

The thriving cork industry allows for the afforestation of areas affected by desertification risk and promotes the cleaning, maintenance, and protection of cork forests.

Stylish, water resistance, water repellent, and easy to clean and the perfect alternative to leather or less sustainable leather alternatives. 

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