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The Catrinka Project

The Catrinka Project works with ethical, woman-focused production groups to make their bags, contributing to their artisans’ economic empowerment, and allowing them to invest in their families and communities. Investing in women is investing in the future, since women reinvest twice as much of their income in their families and communities as men. Women-owned businesses face barriers: lack of training, networks and financing, and cultural obstacles that keep them from getting ahead. The Catrinka Project is working to fix this.

Every bag sold provides education and mentoring to adolescent girls at risk in the places where they work. Educating girls is the single most effective way to reduce poverty. Educate a girl and she will postpone marriage and childbirth, have fewer, healthier children with a higher chance of surviving childbirth, and reduce her vulnerability to HIV/AIDS.


  • 66 million girls around the world are out of school.
  • Educating a girl grows the economy: when 1% more of a country’s girls go to school, its GDP increases by 0.3%
  • Educating a girl delays marriage and childbirth: when a girl in the developing world receives 7 years of education, she marries 4 years later and has 2.2 fewer children.
  • Educating a girl gives her a shot at supporting herself and her family: just one additional year of school increases a girl’s future wages by 10-20%.  
  • Educating a girl keeps her and her children alive: a child born to a literate mother has a 50% less chance of dying before the age of 5.

Join The Catrinka Project in educating girls through every purchase.

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