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What does it mean to shop your values?

Throughout my career in mindful fashion I have worked with a significant number of brands in a wide range of capacities, and have been able to weed through the greenwashing, clever marketing, and opportunists to find the companies who truly align with the values of Bead & Reel, going beyond simply how something is made (which is important) and what it is made from (which is also important) but to also include how a company treats others (its employees and its customers) and how willing a company is to offer transparency, honesty, and integrity about its practices and processes.

Each brand listed below, on this ever changing and expanding list, is one which I personally know and support - through much trial and error - and I hope this list is helpful to you too in your mindful fashion journey.

* indicates affiliate links, which means I will get a small commissions if you buy something based on my referral. Affiliate programs not required to be on my Approved Brands list.

(v) indicates only vegan products are sold, so no need to check the labels!

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