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Charity of the Month: Susie's Senior Dogs

Susie's Senior Dogs

This month we are thrilled to be donating a portion of each sale to Susie's Senior Dogs!

Homeless senior dogs have one of the hardest times getting adopted simply because of their age. People fear adopting an older dog for a variety of reasons, but SSD is devoted to showing how much love senior dogs have to give. SSD does not directly handle adoptions, rather they work to shine a spotlight on senior dogs looking for their forever home and the shelter or rescue caring for them.

At Bead & Reel we advocate always adopting (and never shopping - except for dresses and shoes!) and appreciate all the work that SSD does to help find homes for older animals.

Find our more about Susie's Senior Dogs here, and be sure to follow them on facebook and instagram - maybe you'll meet your new best friend!


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