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I get a lot of questions about from students, other start-ups, designers, bloggers, supporters, and generally inquisitive minds, so I wanted to share some of the common questions and answers to help guide you through everything you're wondering about Bead & Reel.

Where do you get your textiles / What types of fibers and dyes do you use in production?

Bead & Reel is a retailer, meaning I sell the products of (really talented) sustainable designers. I do not manufacture any of my own styles (yet ;) ), and therefore do not source fibers/textiles/dyes. I will always provide as much information as possible on each product (where it was made, what it was made from, and any additional manufacturing information we may be able to share), and recommend you contact the designers directly if you have additional questions.

How can I carry Bead & Reel in my store?

Since I am a retailer and not a designer, I only sell directly to my customers. There are a lot of amazing sustainable designers out there and I recommend you connect with them!

What did you do before Bead & Reel / What caused you to start Bead & Reel?

I actually wrote a blog post about this the day Bead & Reel launched! You can read about it here or find out a general overview on the About page. I also have done a lot of interviews around this topic including in Ethically Engaged, Trusted Clothes, Vegan Trade Council, Made Lokal, and Vilda Magazine, if you want to find out more.

What do you do for marketing / how do you find customers?

I absolutely know the challenges of finding and growing your customer base as a small business, which is why I offer consulting to sustainable start-ups

Is sustainable fashion growing / Do you see more companies moving into sustainable fashion?

Yes! Sustainable fashion is the future of fashion (and, soon to be just "fashion"). Brands with a demonstrated commitment to sustainability have grown more than 4% globally as opposed to unsustainable brands which grew less than 1%. The resale market is among the fastest growing segments of retail, and organic cotton growth has been steady the past 5 years. If you aren't already involved in it (making it, selling it, buying it, wearing it), then now is the perfect time to join us.

Why is sustainable fashion so expensive?

So, sustainable fashion can be more expensive to produce (for instance, paying a living wage will always cost more than not paying a living wage), but there are a few things to keep in mind when you consider the cost of something. First, cost-per-wear: sustainable fashion will usually offer significantly higher cost-per-wear, saving you money (and time!) in the long run when you don't have to constantly replace things that were not meant to last. Also, keep in mind that there are a lot of ways to get into sustainable fashion for under $100 - shopping second hand, hosting a clothing swap with your friends, waiting for those sustainable fashion sales, or shopping with the many sustainable brands which offer relatively competitive prices to unsustainable brands. 

Whenever you invest in sustainable fashion, you are helping grow the demand for fashion that takes into consideration people and planet, and over time, costs will continue to come down.

Will Bead & Reel donate something to my fundraiser?

Community building and supporting a better world are core values of Bead & Reel. Contact me to share more about what you're up to and how I can help.

I want to work for a like-minded company! Do you have any job openings / internships?

As a small business with a loyal support group, I don't often have new job openings available. However, you can email me your PDF resume at should anything open up in the future. I also have frequent volunteer opportunities with my many community events and fundraisers (including my non-profit Fair Trade Fashion Show) and can always use some extra help. Feel free to contact me to be added to my volunteer list. 

I have another question that wasn't answered!

Feel free to contact me here


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