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May Featured Charity - The Identity Campaign

For May we are thrilled to be donating a portion of each sale to the Identity Campaign, an exciting new project through the Beagle Freedom Project.

Each year, tens of thousands of dogs and cats are used in cruel and deadly laboratory experiments in the United States. Each one of the animals behind this statistic is an individual life who matters, yet in laboratories they are assigned a number and treated as though they were laboratory equipment. When they are no longer “useful” for the experiment, they are usually killed, discarded, and forgotten.

Like the Beagle Freedom Project, Bead & Reel believes that all dogs and cats deserve Names, not Numbers, and that they have a right to a home where they will be loved and respected as an individual. We believe that dogs and cats should have an Identity, not an identification number.

Beagle Freedom Project’s Identity Campaign empowers US citizens to adopt a laboratory dog or cat while they are still in cages, fighting for your dog or cat's freedom by giving them a name and letting the universities and institutions know that to you, these lives matter.

We will be donation a portion of each sale to help adopters who need financial assistance with adoptions and records fees. Together, we can make a difference for cats and dogs all over America, creating a world where all lives matter.

Ever the crazy cat lady, Bead & Reel's founder Sica Schmitz has adopted Ser Pounce, a cat at Michigan State University. You can adopt your own cat or dog in a laboratory here or have an animal released from experimentation join your family here. Want to do even more? Contact your legislators and support a Beagle Freedom Bill, requiring research facilities to release cats and dogs for adoption once they are no longer "useful," allowing compassionate adopters to give them a second chance at love and a forever home.



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