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ARTISANSkin Celeste Cruz Coffee Scrub Bead & Reel ARTISANSkin Celeste Cruz Coffee Scrub Bead & Reel ARTISANSkin Celeste Cruz Coffee Scrub Bead & Reel ARTISANSkin Celeste Cruz Coffee Scrub Bead & Reel ARTISANSkin Celeste Cruz Coffee Scrub Bead & Reel

    Celeste Cruz Coffee Scrub


    8 oz

    This unique apothecary product speaks to the true meaning of Yoga. An exclusive collaboration with the legendary Celeste Cruz, Founder of Fierce Wellness Hot Yoga Studio, this scrub inspires self + selfless love of spirit, mind, and body, through the alchemy of artisanal apothecary and yoga. Celeste’s hope is for others to find what she has found through yoga, 'an endless source of strength, vitality and flexibility.'

    This hypnotic coffee + sugar scrub is rich in the scents of amber and laced with citrus notes. An invigorating blend of organic, non-toxic ingredients should be applied to the body as a ritual of love and meditation. This ritual can be performed as often as you like and as often as your spirit yearns for the rich grounding and sensual sensations of these combined ingredients. A ritual that serves as a reminder to take your time and enjoy every minute of it.

    • Cruelty free & vegan - of course
    • Made in Orlando, FL

    Made From: cane sugar, coffea arabica bean, **grapeseed oil, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba oil), *amber fragrance oil. Essential oils of *citrus sinensis (sweet orange), citrus reticulata (tangerine), *syzygium aromatic (clove). *Certified Organic **Non GMO

    Mix thoroughly before applying to skin. Take a small amount with fingertips and exfoliate body or face while in shower. Best if used in hot shower, so that steam will open up pores. During scrub application, breath in the aromas while focusing on the intentions of your self renewal and breath out any stagnant energy you wish to be cleansed of. Wash away scrub and enjoy the results of your mind + skin. 


    ARTISANskin is a way of thinking + living. A brand for modern day men and women who want to change their lifestyle, or maybe just add to it. 

    ARTISANskin is a 100% natural skincare line, intent on changing the world with the Skin Revolution, their movement to transition people into an affordable organic + natural skincare routine. It's about the understanding that even though skincare products are applied topically, they can still affect us internally, even if we are unconscious of it. 

    Most people don't realize that what you apply to your skin, can and will, enter your bloodstream. Education and accessibility to the right ingredients and products can change the perception of the entire skincare industry. 

    In order to influence the business of cosmetics, ARTISANskin has become the prime example that natural + organic should not equate to over priced products. That’s why you’ll find products available in multiple sizes and prices, so that these products can be more accessible to everyone. 

    ARTISANskin encourages you to think for yourself. Don't allow the market to do it for you. 

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