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Bent & Bree Madison Wallet Bead & Reel Bent & Bree Madison Wallet Bead & Reel

    Madison Wallet



    The Madison Wallet is designed with multiple pockets to hold your coins and long shape design to fit all full-length bills without folding. Interior with a variety of card slots and compartments, including a pocket for your passport or even fit your phone. A must have everyday or travel organizer.

    Made In: Portugal
    Made From: cork

    Inspired by love, nature and imagination, Bent and Bree makes vegan products that reveal comfort, function and style.

    Bent & Bree started their journey with the birth of their second child. When they first became parents, they found it very frustrating to find distinctive and conscious products for their first child. Years later, they still feel the same way and are aware that many of you share the same feelings. Bent & Bree is a brand inspired by LOVE, nature, imagination and a desire to provide unique and stylish planet-friendly products that reassures you that you are doing your best.

    The softness, natural texture and versatility of cork allows for the creation of amazing fabrics that can be embossed, printed, laser cut, perforated, and embroidered. Most importantly, cork is one of the most sustainable materials in the world. Extracted from the Cork Oak, it is the only tree that regenerates itself after each harvest, doing no harm to the tree. Cork Oaks grow naturally with no pesticides, watering or pruning.

    Cork fabric is all natural (vegan), recyclable, and reusable, as well as:

    • Renewable and sustainable
    • Lightweight
    • Allergy-friendly
    • Water repellent
    • Natural fire retardant (flameless)
    • Resistant to abrasion
    • Durable
    • Easy to clean
    • Unique, no two pieces are exactly alike


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