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Maria Elena Gold Necklace - Hands Producing Hope Maria Elena Gold Necklace - Hands Producing Hope Maria Elena Gold Necklace

    Maria Elena Gold Necklace

    Dainty and delicate, a single Lagrima de San Pedro seed hangs simply on a 14k gold chain for an understated finish to any outfit. Each seed is hand picked by women in a fair trade program for marginalized individuals in Costa Rica, making this already beautiful necklace even lovelier. 

    Made In: Costa Rica
    Made From: seed, 14k gold

    Hands Producing Hope is an ethical brand with a heart to see artisans around the world empowered to rise above poverty and live healthy and full lives. They desire to provide unique and high quality products that are not only fun to wear but that bring hope and change to the lives of those who made the product. Not only are the lives of their artisans important to them, but Hands Producing Hope cares about YOU and desires to help educate and empower their customers to begin making ethical purchases and to activate others to do the same.

    They have created a program that provides an income for marginalized individuals, encourages continued education, hosts various life skills classes through out the year, and helps develop skills that will equip those in their program long after they leave. Providing dignified work, their artisans are paid an above fair wage and are treated with respect and taught they have value. The women they work with have been treated like second class citizens for their whole lives, never being told of their worth or that their ideas matter. They are now hearing and learning that their dreams matter, that they are capable of more than bearing children, and that they have value. Hands Producing Hopes believes that as they empower their artisans, a generational change will take place and daughters will be raised up hearing these principles. 

    Hands Producing Hopes prioritizes education, offering assistance to the students that work with them and any adults who desires to return to school to get their high school diploma. Additionally they offer life skills classes to help enrich the lives of the women artisans and their families, and are working towards ending discrimination through reconciliation. 


    Hands Producing Hope Artisans

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