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    This charming postcard set helps you connect to those you are thinking about while supporting and promoting various charitable causes. Each print artistically represents a special non-profit to which portions of the proceeds are donated. $1 from each set is donated to Ocean Conservancy, Tech2Educate, and Ace New York. Set of 12 postcards, featuring 6 pieces of original artwork form the Supra Endura Brand.

    Supra Endura is a collection seeking out sublime and subversive inspiration. This collection draws upon everything from the way a Jellyfish’s tentacles flutter to the cable arrangement of a lyre-shaped bridge. Based out of New York, each print is inspired by and represents a different philanthropic cause. 

    The name Supra Endura is from a type of photographic paper. The act of creating a color photograph is quite poetic: light is the cataclysm that projects onto a blank piece of paper, conjuring a latent image to rise to the surface. If we dig deeper into the etymology of the words we find that Supra is an adverb, meaning: beyond the limits of; outside of. Endura has roots in “endure,” which means to hold out against. This brand has a focus on sustainability and the power of endurance, and it is also looking to the future and always reaching for what is just outside of our grasp.


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