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Sell Your Rescued Fashion

    Sell Your Rescued Fashion


    Send us your new or like-new Rescued Fashion to earn money or store credit!


    Choose a FREE SHIPPING LABEL or FREE SHIPPING LABEL + RETURN and checkout to receive a shipping label via email. Box up your clean, new or like-new items in any package and drop off or arrange a pick up. Our label will accommodate up to a 5 lb. package, please contact us if you will be sending more.

    For FREE SHIPPING LABEL we will email you with your payment options which you can accept or deny. Any unaccepted items will be donated, recycled, or consciously repurposed.

    For FREE SHIPPING LABEL + RETURN we will email you with an offer which you can accept or deny. Any unaccepted items will be returned to you.

    It may take up to 3 weeks to process your items. 


    Clothing: Organic vegan natural fibers (including cotton, linen, hemp), lyocell/Tencel, modal, or bamboo. 

    Jeans: Vegan styles (must not have a leather patch in back), and we are especially interested in organic cotton denim

    Shoes: Vegan styles in excellent condition 

    Handbags: Vegan styles in excellent conditions

    Outerwear: We are looking for vegan leather, organic vegan natural fibers (hemp, linen, cotton), and down-free coats and jackets

    We do not accept anything from fast fashion brands including (but not limited to): Forever 21, Zara, H&M, Charlotte Russe, Payless Shoes, and others. We are looking for for Made in USA and Fair Trade certified products. Items made in China, Vietnam, Thailand, or Cambodia might not be accepted and will be determined on a case by case basis.  

    We do not accept any animal products including (but not limited to): leather, suede, silk, wool, bone, down, fur, feathers, cashmere, or alpaca. 

    Items must have brand and content labels attached to be eligible.


    We offer 25% of our selling price via paypal or 50% of our selling price via store credit. Paypal payments will be sent to the email address used to checkout.  

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