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Gaffer&Child Shaving Butter Bead & Reel Gaffer&Child Shaving Butter Bead & Reel

    Shaving Butter


    4 oz

    This latherless shea butter base helps you get a close, moisturizing shave with nutrient-dense oils that will protect your skin after shaving leaves it sensitive and exposed. The healing properties of sea buckthorn oil have been known for centuries and used to repair and soften skin and hair.

    This shave cream has been designed with the highest quality organic ingredients to reduce irritation and dryness. 

    96% locally sourced and every ingredient is:

    • non-gmo
    • organic
    • fair trade
    • vegan
    • cruelty-free
    • free of synthetics, petroleum, and artificial dyes

    Made In: America

    Made From: organic shea butter, organic jojoba oil, organic olive oil, emulsifying wax, vegetable stearic acid, distilled water, rice bran oil, organic sunflower oil, organic sea buckthorn oil, organic lemon essential oil, organic lavender essential oil, vegetable glycerin, citric acid, potassium sorbate.

    *every purchase will assist in PETA's groundbreaking work to stop animal abuse and suffering.

    Gaffer&Child offers a clean solution to your daily personal care routine. Gaffer&Child’s line of wholesome and effective products are designed in Los Angeles and produced in the United States. Made with sustainably sourced ingredients by skincare experts who have been making organic small batch products for decades.

    Their commitment to sustainability starts with the soil their ingredients are grown in and extends all the way to their customers’ homes. They know where every raw ingredient they use comes from and the farmer who nurtured it. They use as many local ingredients as possible to reduce the fuel needed to transport them, and when they can’t source something locally, they visit the farms to ensure ingredients are never chemically treated and are harvested by workers earning fair wages in good conditions. They guarantee the purity of every ingredient so they can guarantee the safety of their products.

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